On the other side...

Well, we're married!  The whole experience was surreal.  After dating for so long it was odd to think of being engaged and now after being engaged for a good amount of time and spending tons of energy planning this one 24-hour period, it's hard to imagine that the wedding is over!  We really did enjoy it and I think all my hard work paid off. 

I do miss the wedding day though and wish we could do the day over again, which I know everyone says.  But common, it's all we've thought about for a year and it was fun!  I felt pretty, it was exciting to see how all my DIY projects turned out and it was wonderful having all our family and friends together.  Most of all, I loved seeing Ben out on the dance floor!  I rarely see that side of him but it was absolutely hysterical and wonderful :)  The best part was when I had sat down at the sweetheart table for a short break.  Ben was still on the dance floor and came over to find me because Michael Jackson's "Pretty Young Thing" came on.  He started dancing and lip-sinking it to me - totally random, but it made me laugh and is stuck in my head and a favorite moment.

Anyway, enjoy the pictures!  (We had an amazing photographer, Piper Moore, at a really reasonable cost.  I highly recommend her!)